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If you’ve found this article, then the chances are you’re a bit of a minimalist. You’re always looking for simpler, cleaner, more efficient ways to live and, of course, that extends to your hunt for new blinds. 

So, to help you with your search, below you will find a discussion about the easiest blinds to clean and maintain.

Roller blinds

Simple, easy to operate and available in a range of different patterns, colours and even blackout materials, roller blinds are arguably the gold standard for anyone who prizes functionality above all.

Roller blinds tend to be easy to clean for two reasons: 1) the way the material hangs makes it very difficult for dust to settle on it (unlike, say, Venetian blinds), and 2) given that roller blinds are of fabric construction, all you really need is a vacuum cleaner; just attach the upholstery brush and slowly remove any dust. 

If your roller blind has a mark or a stain that you would like to remove, a simple spot clean should do the trick. With a blend of dish soap, warm water and a microfibre cloth, dab at the mark until it lifts.

Vertical blinds

Commonly found in office buildings, but can also look fantastic set against bifold doors, vertical blinds are another low-maintenance window dressing. Like roller blinds, dust will have a hard time settling on the fabric.

The only real problem with vertical blinds is that they tend to cover large areas, such as floor-to-ceiling windows and patio doors, meaning you will have to spend a little longer with the vacuum cleaner.

Aluminium blinds

While aluminium blinds are almost always found in the Venetian style, which can get a little dustier than other varieties, the easy-to-clean metal more than makes up for this. No matter how you choose to clean these blinds, you will struggle to damage or mark them, so they’re certainly a hassle-free option.

Extra cleaning tips:

  • For fabric blinds, try using a lint roller to pick up fluff and dust off the material – this is an excellent alternative if you don’t have a great vacuum cleaner.
  • Some fabric blinds can be taken to the dry cleaner if they happened to catch a particularly tough stain – check with your supplier first though!
  • If you’re cleaning vertical blinds and want to home in on a particular stain, removing slats will help with this.
  • After cleaning fabric, wooden or metal blinds, wipe them down with a fabric softener sheet – the anti-static properties are a fantastic dust deterrent.

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